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We're building an app to listen to internet radio.

It's a side project with a lot of untested premises and unfinished features, but little by little its coming together.

Collect stations, and listen to whatever.

The Juno City project is exploring music discovery and radio station collection. Eventually we'd also like to make it easy to contribute to stations and artists.

But what is the point of radio stations, with the advent of algorithmic music selection? It's true that it has become easy to overlook all the humble radio stations that still exist, but there's still something fantastic about music curated by another human. There's life and character that machines can't quite touch.

But what about the plethora of radio tuner apps out there? It's true there are a lot of other tuner websites and apps, but we've yet to find an open source app — one that has a great UX, is cross platform, responsive, and doesn't track the shit out of you while spinning up your CPU fans because they are doing god-knows-what in the background.

So it's clear, we have to build something new!

Get Involved

Suppose you like music; if you're also into design, coding, music curation, or open source, we'd be ecstatic if you want to help work on Juno City. There's tons to do, but foremost we have two major obstacles.

1. Open Sourcing the Code

We are looking for a technical advisor to help transition the project to open source.

2. Station Curation

Right now, we only have a handful of stations to choose from. For this project to be interesting to a wide range of people, we'll need to add a lot more radio stations.

Beyond those two things, there's still plenty to do, so please get in touch if you have feedback or are interested in working on a fun project.

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